the HPU series

ProControl Valve Actuation & Control - specialized in Scotch Yoke Actuators - canted and symmetric scotch yoke mechanism
ProControl Valve Actuation & Control - specialized in Scotch Yoke Actuators - canted and symmetric scotch yoke mechanism


ProControl HPU series Hydraulic Power Units to operate and monitor one or several electro-hydraulic actuators.
ProControl provides extensive solutions for centralized Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) designed to supply several actuated valves.
ProControl is the single source responsibility for the correct engineering, design, fabrication, test and integration at field between all units (electro-hydraulic actuators and HPU) under our scope of work.
With accumulator backup the hydraulic power units provide the ideal solution for ESD-Emergency Shut Down and fail safe applications.
In operations where quick closing is necessary we equipped our actuators with circulating quick-damp systems. Hydraulic power units are designed to provide hydraulic pressure and volume to stroke actuators apart or in multiple, depending on customer requirements.
HPU completely mounted in lockable & weatherproof stainless steel cabinet with reinforced backup plate to ensure rigid position under all severe working conditions.
Accumulators are manifold connected and equipped each with a safety-relief & shut-off-block-valve to allow easy maintenance and service activities.
With the hydraulic accumulator (bladder or piston type) sized on client demand for numbers of required powerless strokes, the actuator automatically operates the valve in its designated fail safe position.


  • Designed to meet various engineering and manufacturing standard, such as ATEX, IECEx, CSA, UL, FM, NFC, ANSI, CE and ASME, PED.
  • Supply pressure up to 350 bar design (customization is also available on request)
  • Stainless steel HPU cabinets, with minimum weatherproof grade according to IP65 / NEMA 4
  • Material selection from frames, manifolds and instrumentation to suit Client demands and environmental conditions.
  • Suitable to be installed in on-shore / off-shore / industrial / petrochemical plants.
  • Suitable to be supplied by any type of hydraulic mineral or biodegradable oil.
  • PLC or relay based control logic.
  • Electric motor or diesel pumps covering all available ranges for voltage ratings, also in redundant configuration.
  • Solenoid valves for remote valve operation.
  • Typical power range from 1.1 kW up to 4 kW and from 1000 – 3000 turns in single and three phases
  • Hydraulic hand pump for emergency operation in case of power failure or pressure drop
  • Pressure control with analogue signal
  • Safety valve, oil filter, stainless steel oil reservoir
  • Hydraulic accumulator (bladder or piston type) designed as per CE PED or ASME VIII, sized based on client demand for numbers of required powerless strokes
  • Optional: special insulated control station complete with an internal explosion proof heating system to operate in low temperatures and artic conditions.
  • ESD Signal “Emergency-Shut-Down”
  • Remote & Local PST “Partial Stroke Test”
  • APST “Automatic-Partial-Stroke-Test”
  • Remote & Local open / Remote & Local close
  • Pressure alarm (hydraulic pressure is below the minimum allowed value)
  • Voltage alarm (fuse or voltage failure)
  • Oil-Level-Protection (continuous monitoring to protect the motor pump unit against dry-running), pump will stop by this alarm
  • Electronic pressure transmitter (4-20mA) to allow custom setting of actuator torque output and min/max operating pressure to suit safe valve operation
  • Bus communication network systems by the main industry protocols



ProControl developed a dedicated technology for valve automation in remote locations or areas where no proper power sources are available.

In particular, it is a photovoltaic system complete with a solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity, a battery pack to store energy for use during periods of darkness or shade and a proper control unit, which provides battery management, monitoring and protection.

The complete system is suitable for applications in hazardous areas.

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