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ProControl Financial Certification Cribis D&B rating 1

D&B Rating 1

ProControl obtained
Cribis Certificate "D&B Rating 1".

Highest financial reliability for ProControl

With the certification D&B Rating 1, ProControl Srl is recognized as extremely financially reliable for all its stakeholders.

  • Date:
    29 July 2016
  • Rating:
    Prime Company
  • Link:
    Cribis D&B

In fact, the certification “Rating 1” is the highest level of assessment for the financial solidity and therefore commercial reliability of an organization and it is issued exclusively to companies that maintain steadily an high economic-financial reliability and punctuality in the payments.
The top rating recognition confirms the absence of default risk facilitating the relationships with financial and business partners (banks, financial institutions, customers and suppliers).

Only 5.69% of the Italian companies already reach this level of evaluation.

This recognition confirms the ProControl economic-financial strength and the work of the ProControl Finance team, in coordination with the entire organization, focused to the Group financial stability as a basis for the future further Group development.
Cribis, belonging to Gruppo CRIF Spa (the only Italian Agency for International Rating, CRA, certified by CONSOB, ESMA and EACRA) is an Italian and world leader in credit and business information as well.
Cribis holds the largest amount of credit information existing, dealing with information on payment behavior of companies and manages the D-U-N-S ® Number, i.e. the unique identification company code officially recognized by major international organizations such as UN, U.S. government, European Commission, ISO.

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